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In focus 16 October 2018
Supporting industry and supporting the sectors is supporting job creation and by consequence wealth creation. A simple logic that requires, in its most basic needs, two things: 1) clarity and 2) certainty . Ceemet, the European Tech & Industry Employers organisation, has since 2016 reminded...
In focus 10 October 2018
Ceemet’s re-elected President Diego Andreis , presented at the Brussels reception of Ceemet’s Chairman Oliver Zander the contribution of Europe’s Tech & Industry Employers for the next legislature of the European Parliament: the 10 Point Plan . It focuses on 10 big challenges of our time,...
In focus 8 October 2018
Ceemet President Diego Andreis Vice President Ineke Dezentjé Hamming Bluemink At Ceemet’s General Assembly of Presidents and CEOs, its current President Diego Andreis and Vice-President Ineke Dezentjé Hamming - Bluemink were unanimously re-elected for a second term of two years until 2020. Speaking...

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Published on 17 April, 2018
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