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21 December 2018
Ceemet, the European Tech & Industry employers, present you its #10PointPlan to achieve that, wishing you all an enjoyful end of year. ceemet_kertskaart2018_gif_4_lsp_1.gif
In focus 18 December 2018
At the plenary meeting of the European Social Dialogue in the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based sector (MET), social partners industriAll Europe and Ceemet have endorsed two joint positions, on the integration of migrants in the labour market and on the European Pillar of Social Rights. In...
11 December 2018
The importance of a well-functioning Social Dialogue is undisputed. The Juncker Commission highlighted from its start in 2014 the status that a value-adding sectoral social dialogue has at European level. digitalisation_cover.web_.jpg Ceemet and industriAll European trade union, representing the...

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