Ceemet is the European employers’ organisation representing the interests of the Metal, Engineering & Technology-based industries.

• Represents 200 000 companies
• Provides 35M direct and indirect jobs
• Is a recognized EU social partner

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  • Chief Economists Report 2023: A resilient industry confronted with multiple challenges

    On 11 May 2023, in advance of the presentation of the European Semester Spring Package, Ceemet launched its Chief Economists Report for 2023. Each year, Ceemet’s Chief Economists Group gives its overview of the economic developments within the MET sector.

  • Chief Economist Report 2022

    We are living through turbulent times for the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based (MET) sector. After decades of peace in Europe, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought about the unthinkable. This, coupled with already existing issues, such as the disruptions in supply chains and labour shortages, to name but a few, are creating an extremely challenging environment for companies.

  • Conference on the Future of Europe - Ceemet's contribution

    The EU has contributed to nearly 65 years of prosperity in Europe and industry has been the backbone of the economy during this time. While much has been achieved - e.g. peace and prosperity in Europe, the single market, etc. - Ceemet acknowledges the fact that much remains to be done and welcomes the broader debate on the future of the EU. As an industry representative body and recognised social partner, Ceemet is happy to take part in the process but will in this publication only put the focus on the issues which are relevant to the companies within the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based (MET) sector.

  • Digitalisation and the World of Safety & Health

    Digitalisation is no longer new and it continues its evolution throughout industry. Employers are continuously working on minimising challenges and risks that digitalisation at the workplace causes. Digital technologies, that already complement human labour, offer the possibility of creating a safer and healthier work environment. This publications zooms in on how to maximise the opportunities these digital technologies offers.

  • Chief Economist Report 2021 - Investment levels must increase to recover

    With the value of production decreasing by 11%, Europe’s industry is experiencing the worst industrial crisis since World War II. Despite many challenges Europe’s MET sector managed to (slightly) grow employment levels to nearly 17.5 million. However, to recover and to keep pace with the requirements of the digital and green transformation solely increased industry investment levels won't be enough. All information is also available on: https://cer.ceemet.org/

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