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  • Bulgarian Presidency focuses on skills as does new ‘Digitalisation & Skills’ report

For the first time in its history Bulgaria takes over the Presidency of the European Council

As employers’ organisation of the tech and industry sector and social partner, Ceemet stands behind the priorities of the Bulgarian presidency which have been presented at Ceemet’s last General Assembly.

In particular the pillar of the Digital economy and skills for the future. Ceemet fully agrees that Europe’s role in the world is linked to the competitiveness of the economy that is changing with the speed of light.

In 2016 the first sectoral report on the impact of the digitalisation and the world of work identified the priorities for reform and how to meet the competence demand of an industry 4.0.

Ceemet’s President Diego Andreis has ever since called to link the education of young people with the requirements of a labour market in an innovative environment.

"Establish a Chief Digitalisation Officer in schools to match skills and needs for the digital transformation" - Diego Andreis, Ceemet President

In March 2018, Ceemet will publish a more extensive report on ‘Digitalisation and the World of Skills & Education’ to contribute to the discussion on how to meet the labour market requirements and closing the skills gap in order for Europe to remain a leading economy and maintain the job and wealth creation.