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  • Ceemet welcomes EU institutions’ agreement on 2021-2027 MFF & Recovery Plan

Ceemet applauds the agreement that was found today on the Recovery Fund and the 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) between the negotiating institutions. As from now all parties involved can focus on kicking-off a sustainable economic recovery that facilitates a green and digital transition.

The EU’s Recovery Fund and the 2021-2027 MFF that are on the table need now a prompt approval by EU Parliament, Council and national parliaments. Indeed, a swiftly operational Recovery Fund and EU budget are key to exit the economic crisis by financially supporting Member States, companies and workers.

As it is clear what the budgets will be, the development of national action plans can start. To this end, Member States can rely on the insights, expertise and input of their social partners in order to make a meaningful impact.

Overall, Ceemet has identified in its Recovery plan for a competitive industry in a resilient Europe, three key objectives that will be crucial for a coordinated recovery of a competitive industry providing quality employment:

  1. Restore the European single market & transform it into a seamless secure digital single market
  2. Finance the future of the European project by being big on the big things
  3. Develop labour markets and skills for the future

Achieving the abovementioned objectives require actions at EU as well as on national level, keeping all negotiating institutions involved for the next phase: implementation.