September 2017 will be a busy month for Estonia who holds for the 1st time the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. One of the focus areas of the Estonian Presidency is 'Digital Europe and free flow of data'.

To highlight the importance of this topic Estonia organises a high-level conference on Future of Work: Making It e-Easy which will be attended by Ceemet and two weeks later the Tallinn Digital Summit bringing together the EU heads of state or government.

Estonia, often referred to as ‘e-stonia’, says that the "future of the EU and the world is digital".

Ceemet, representing European tech and industry employers, couldn’t agree more. As the 1st European sector organisation, it published the much referred to report on the impact of Digitalisation and the world of work. Ceemet President Diego Andreis repeated at various occasions that “innovation and skills are pivotal for the future of MET industries”.

The recently published Vision Paper – ‘A new social settlement with industry’ summarises it: Metal, Engneering and Technology-based industries are already contributing a big share to develop talent and right-skill employees. It is now up to the EU and the Member States to come up with a complementary approach involving all levels to support digitalisation.