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Ceemet - European Tech & Industry Employers, led by its President Diego Andreis, met today with EU Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier.

The high-level delegation of Ceemet had the opportunity to share their concerns with Mr Barnier and provided the latest facts and figures of the tech & industry sector, maintaining that its companies are part of highly integrated international supply chains. These international supply chains make up much of the trade and investment, and crucially quality employment, in the EU.

Ceemet is concerned that many of the discussions do not fully appreciate this important interdependency. It involves everything ranging from regulatory alignment, standards, customs and terms of trade. Any disruption to these interwoven relationships would be detrimental to the growth and prosperity of the technology and industry sector.

Ceemet and its members continue to press for a smooth and orderly Brexit, one that will deliver continued prosperity and investment in jobs alongside economic growth in the EU and in the UK.

Ceemet has therefore identified 4 areas that matter, as they are in the EU’s and UK’s mutual interest.

4 areas that matter

  1. Maintain free and frictionless trade

avoiding tariff and non-tariff barriers to the movement of goods and services and ensuring the integrity of the Single Market

  1. Enable workers to move freely across borders

to support complex supply chains and address the sector’s skills gap

  1. Ensure a single regulatory environment

supported by mutual recognition and regulatory cooperation

  1. Consult industry

ensure negotiations deliver a deal and a future relationship which works for companies on the ground and not just on paper.

Ceemet Director General Uwe Combüchen said: “EU and UK Governments have a responsibility to ensure minimal disruption for businesses, for employers and employees. Ultimately, companies across Europe simply want two things: certainty and clarity.”


Ceemet press statement: Tech & Industry Employers meet EU Chief Brexit Negotiator - Focus on 4 points
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