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Today the European Parliament adopted a resolution providing the input from the European Parliament ahead of the upcoming negotiations between the EU and the UK on the future relation.

Overall the MEPs agreed to the lines set out by the European Commission that were presented by EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier earlier this month. Ceemet has a clear position and will continue to press for a smooth and orderly Brexit. One that will deliver continued prosperity and investment in jobs alongside economic growth both across Europe and in the UK. Which is after all, a mutual interest.

Industry concerns

Metal, Engineering and Technology-based industries' key concerns are that we retain the tariff-free and as frictionless as possible movement of goods to and from Europe and a flexible approach to accessing labour.

Furthermore, we must ensure a meaningful transitional period for as long as is necessary for the negotiations to conclude and ensure legal certainty, a stable and predictable legal framework for companies and avoiding a two-step adjustment.

Click here to read the full position paper on the future relationship.

The Parilament's Resolution has to be signed off by the European Council, which is expected to happen on 25 February.