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European industry leaders welcome the vote in the European Parliament’s Plenary to ratify the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement. The business community has breathed a collective sigh of relief as this final, but not insignificant hurdle, has been cleared.

Following months of demanding negotiations and years of political back and forth, European Tech & Industry Employers  welcome the green light the EU-UK TCA has received in the European Parliament’s Plenary. Industry has always demanded that this political situation would be remedied and thankfully the agreement will now legally come into force.

Providing industry with clarity

Finally, businesses on both sides of the channel have the clarity and certainty they so desperately need to continue operations. The more than 200,000 companies that Ceemet represents, will still need time to adapt to the new realities and requirements of the deal, but are glad of its approval.

Ultimately the deal that has been approved, insofar as possible, does its best to preserve the complex and delicate relationships developed between manufacturers in the EU, their non-EU trading partners which are part of a Customs Union, and the UK.

A platform to build on

As industry we are keenly aware that this is only the end of the beginning: what has been agreed should represent a platform for further negotiations. The EU-UK TCA is unfortunately a long way away from the integration upon which manufacturers on both sides of the channel have built their business models over many decades.

Ceemet - European Tech & Industry Employers now call on both the EU and UK to continue their negotiations in order to further facilitate the functioning of manufacturing in Europe.


Brexit: Ceemet welcomes final adoption of the EU-UK TCA
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