On 8 March 2023, Ceemet & IndustriAll Europe co-chaired the thematic roundtable on the Social Dimension of the Transition Pathway for the Mobility ecosystem which covers the automotive, shipbuilding, rail and bicycle industries. Organised by the European Commission, this process aims at identifying the actions needed to achieve the twin transition and at giving a better understanding of the scale of this transition.

Alongside the social roundtable, six other roundtables have been set up to cover each of the four industrial sectors, the regional dimension and research.   

During the meeting, the participants discussed the social dimension of the twin transition with a strong focus on the role of the social partners in accompanying this process.  Another important topic on which the participants have shed the light is the need to anticipate, through a continuous process, the skills’ needs, at company level, but also regional level, in order to ensure workers can upskill and reskill and maintain their competences adapted to the twin transition.  

The Social Dimension roundtable will pursue its work and produce its contribution to the final Transition Pathway report due by the end of the year.