...is how the Ceemet Chief Economists Report 2017 can be resumed.

After difficult years, the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based (MET) industries can present themselves (again) as an international interlinked sector. The global value chain is a reality for the European MET industries.

The MET sector is stepping up the investment levels in but efforts need to continue e.g. in the renewal of machinery. In this context, can be said that the productivity levels will go up as soon as the investment levels rise.

A positive result of increased investments is that with variations in regions and sectors, has been that despite this instable environment, MET industries created 1 million new jobs between 2013 and 2016

The MET industries are a sector of high-skilled jobs and wages. Showing the attractiveness of STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) will be one of the priorities for the MET sector as well as to highlight the importance of digital skills. As developed in the much referred to “Digitalisation and the World of Work” report, Ceemet will continue to drive the digitalisation issue.

Below you can download the Ceemet Chief Economists Report 2017 with an introduction by Ceemet President Diego Andreis.


Ceemet Chief Economist Report 2017
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