On 11 May 2023, in advance of the presentation of the European Semester Spring Package, Ceemet launched its Chief Economists Report for 2023. Each year, Ceemet’s Chief Economists Group gives its overview of the economic developments within the MET sector.

Based on eight key chapters, the report analyses the latest data on:

  1. Employment
  2. Production,
  3. Export,
  4. Productivity,
  5. R&D data,
  6. Investment,
  7. Labour Cost,
  8. Hours Worked,

in order to evaluate the potential impacts on the sector going forward.  

2023 proved that despite the pandemic, the energy crisis and an economic slowdown, the MET industries are resilient and agile. MET companies outperformed what could reasonably have been expected in the current climate, and on top of that, continue to provide the societal solutions to realise the digital and green transitions.

However, Delphine Rudelli, Ceemet Director General, explained that: 

“The MET industries are still facing a number of challenges such as the chronic skills and labour shortages, the competitiveness of EU companies, their dependence on other regions to achieve net-zero targets and the slowing of globalisation alongside increasing protectionism that can create pressure on European manufacturing.”

The support of national and European policymakers will be essential to ensure the prosperity of the EU economy.

Find the Chief Economists Report 2023 on: https://cer.ceemet.org/


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PDF - 2152 K

 PDF - 2152 K