On 8 May 2023, the Employment and Social Affairs Committee of the European Parliament voted on the Semedo draft report with recommendations to the Commission on quality traineeships in the Union.

Whereas Ceemet fully supports the aims of the EMPL Committee to work towards the improvement of quality traineeships in Europe, we regret that the Parliament calls on the Commission to release a directive on remuneration of traineeships given the diversity of national situations.

Indeed, there is no legal basis to call for a binding instrument in this area. Therefore, we call on the Commission to refrain from proposing a directive on quality traineeships as this would go beyond its competence and against the principle of subsidiarity.  For Ceemet, the  Commission shouldn’t follow the Parliament’s request.

For the tech & industry employers, the main argument against a Directive on remuneration is that this issue belongs to the national level and should not be dealt at EU level. These matters have to be addressed at national level and need to take into account the established practices and the nature of industrial relation systems. 

Undoubtedly, Ceemet is of the view that traineeships are an important entry point into the labour market as quality traineeships ease the transition to employment and trainees obtain their first work experience. We are also fully supportive of quality traineeships that offer valuable learning outcomes and practical experience.

However, we consider that an overly prescriptive approach on this matter, as currently proposed by the EMPL Committee, might produce adverse effects and become a disincentive, in particular for SMEs, to offer quality traineeships.

We also regret that, in its report,  the Parliament calls for a Decision on traineeships undertaken with the aim of obtaining educational qualifications. Here again, the Commission has no legal basis to propose a binding instrument. As a matter of fact, the Commission cannot go beyond its Treaty competence of supporting and complementing the action of Member States in the area of education and training. A Decision in this area would go beyond the EU’s prerogatives.

Ceemet and its members remain committed to continue offering quality traineeships for young people in Europe.