Today is #BacktoSchool for 1000's of pupils, students and teachers. And we have for each of them a dedicated wish at the start of the new year in school.


Have fun with developing the 7 skills you will need! From coding to soft skills, believe us, you will need all of them for the #futureofwork.


Get the magic of Science Tech, Engineering & Math (STEM). See what Vocational Education & Training (VET) really is: a 1st class learning leading to well-paid quality jobs. And girls, don’t you think that STEM and VET is for boys only! It is time to #Redrawthebalance.


Embrace ambition for your students...and yourself. Only digital confident and competent teachers can provide the basis these youngsters need. When it comes up to continuous learning, employers are a partner.

Showing why STEM is cool

European Tech & Industry Employers organisations across Europe have been doing their share in showing how attractive the sector is and interesting the companies are. E.g. by supporting the Year of Engineering or joining forces with vlogger Therese Lindgren.

So have a great start and let's stay in touch!