Today Chairman Oliver Zander kicked off the presentation of Ceemet’s Digitalisation and the World of Skills and Education report. In the report, Europe’s Tech & industry employers focus on the impact digitalisation has on skills requirements and education …and vice-versa.

In his opening remarks, the Chairman Zander spoke ingenuously of an industry sector that is at the base of international industrial competitiveness and that saw ‘it’ coming: the skills gap.

“We are critical. We spare no one. We don’t lose faith and focus in the report on 5 key learnings to capitalise on the opportunities of digitalisation” - Oliver Zander, Ceemet Chairman of the Board of Directors

European Commissioner for Education and Youth, Tibor Navracsics, held a key note speech before engaging in a conversation with Ceemet President Diego Andreis.

During his speech he committed to his objective to keep education firmly at the top of the EU’s political agenda. And to drive the #EuropeanEducationArea by 2025, in order to boost the development of digital skills and by making most of new technologies in teaching & learning a central part of Europe’s ambition.

In his reply to the Commissioner, Ceemet President Diego Andreis focused on the stereotype roadblocks industry cannot afford.

“We live in fascinating times! If we cannot pass on the enthusiasm we deserve, then we should -as an industry- rethink our narrative” - Diego Andreis, CEO of a globally active, medium sized company and Ceemet President

For the panel, Diego Andreis was joined by the acting Head of Unit ‘Digital Economy and Skills’ Alexander Riedl and young entrepreneur Robbin Mennings.

Mr. Riedl from DG Connect described the challenges as the following:

1. Digital transformation: people without the right skills vs. unemployment rates

2. Find ways to motivate people to help to tackle EU challenges

3. Spread the word of good VET examples from diff. EU states

“We should stop talking about digital skills but skills that support the digital transformation”, said Mr. Riedl.

Robbin Mennings called the participants of the event to stop being afraid of robots, “it is a precondition to make cobotisation a success story”.

On International Womens Day it was Cecilia Warrol who kept the debate under control and made sure the right stimulus were given when needed.

Robbin Mennings from WiredWorkers made sure every particpant has the occassion to find out what her/his level of cobotisation was with Franka Emika's Panda Robot.


Ceemet 'Digitalisation and the World of Skills & Education' presentation: With you today
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