As the interinstitutional negotiations on the Revision of the social security coordination resume, Ceemet and the sector it represents are hopeful that a deal will be struck.

At a technical seminar on the ‘A to Z on A1 forms’ organised by Ceemet and the Labour Mobility Initiative in October 2020, various negotiators involved from the European Parliament and Council stated that a deal was within reach. 

Prior notification - one issue with a high impact

At the start of the Trilogue between European Parliament, European Commission and the Portuguese Presidency on behalf of the European Council, employers of the metal, engineering and technology industries reiterate one specific point: prior notification. 

A temporal exemption of a limited - yet well defined - number of days to prior notifications, and not an exemption according to the type of activity, would be the most pragmatic and workable solution. This approach would ensure legal certainty before businesses send a worker abroad and provide legal clarity for labour inspectors. 

The solution above would allow to pursue e.g. urgent repair activities and avoid an exponentially increasing administrative burden.