On 14th October 2022, CEEMET and ECEG published a joint position paper expressing their concerns on the procedure to set standards for the implementation of the CSRD Directive. They insist that Social Partners’ autonomy and capacity to negotiate social standards have to be respected and request to re-consider the approach adopted for drafting the standards for the CSRD Directive.

ECEG and Ceemet would like to express a number of political concerns on the (draft) European sustainability reporting standards (ESRS) developed by EFRAG, in the framework of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). This is in addition to the replies they submitted to the consultation process. As stated in their reply to the public consultation, the organisations are extremely critical about three main aspects concerning the standards, namely:

  • The unusual and fallacious procedure followed for the consultation
  • The threat on Social Partners’ autonomy and their freedom to negotiate
  • The huge administrative burden on employers and companies