Ceemet organised on 13th October 2022 an online technical seminar, with Dennis Radtke MEP and European MET companies as guests speakers. Ceemet set out what the proposal and possible amendments would effectively mean for companies and their workers.

During this technical seminar, with leading MEP Dennis Radtke, participants explored the impact of the Directive on Platform Work for European Tech and Industry employers and their workers. Published last December the proposed Directive is now making its way through the European Parliament and European Council.

Our guest  speakers from companies, Henrik Rosendahl from AFRY, Mark Van Der Horst from UPS and Marianne Korsby Clasen from JKS expressed their concerns about a general definition of what is a platform. The risk is that we create confusion between workers who are using digital tools and workers who are working for a platform.
The EU institutions are continuing the legislative process during November and expect a plenary vote in Parliament in December.