Digitalisation is challenging business models and changing the work place and the way we carry out work.

Whereas many of the existing studies look at the changes to industrial production and processes, the Ceemet report is a first step to address this very last point – the way we carry out work in the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based industries (MET). Based on current trends, discussions and company experiences, we have put together a starting point for discussion.

Digitalisation is changing the world of work

Digitalisation is driven by technological progress but the human factor is at the heart of this development. Anticipating what the industry of the future will look like is a difficult task. It is even more challenging to understand what potential changes it might bring to work life.

The awareness level of digitalisation across the Member States varies significantly and the discussion among Ceemet members still shows differences.

However, the time is ripe to kick-off a discussion that is facts-based, open and not guided by fear in order to develop a vision for European manufacturing together with different stakeholders.

In our report, we focus on what we think the emerging issues could be in the world of work, stemming from digitalisation.

4 areas to look at

Ceemet has set out four general areas for debate:

  • skills & competences
  • work organisation
  • health & safety
  • data in the world of work

As the digital environment is constantly changing, this document should be considered as a starting point, a snap-shot of current and looming issues. It is a first step in providing input to a broader debate about digitalisation and the changes it brings to our society and the way we work.

Digital window on latest developments

Following the success of this report, Ceemet launched in June 2018 the update of the report which you can find on 


Ceemet - Digitalisation and the World of Work
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