Ceemet Director General Delphine Rudelli met today with Special Advisor José Viera da Silva for an in depth exchange on European Pillar for Social Rights (EPSR) Action Plan that is going to be presented beginning of March.

The meeting follows Mr Viera da Silva’s appointment by the Commissioner for Jobs & Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit, to prepare the implementation of the EPSR Action Plan that is at heart of the Porto Social Summit in May. Prior to his role as special advisor, Mr Viera da Silva has been the Portuguese Minister of Labour, Solidarity & Social Security, and therefore knows the subject of the EPSR very well.

As recognised European social partner for the metal, engineering and technology-based industries, Ceemet repeated its concerns on the EPRS while highlighting the added value of social partners for meaningful policy making. Ceemet has for example contributed by replying to the public consultation on EPSR in 2016 and published in 2018 a joint position on 9 guiding principles with its trade union counterpart industriAll Europe.

The meeting ended with both agreeing on the importance of social dialogue, and the central of social partners.

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