In an initial reaction Ceemet welcomes the Commission’s update of the «Industrial Strategy». Although not one year old, the effects of the global pandemic required to adjust the initial plan.

The Commission follows a two-fold approach of strengthening Europe’s place in a globally competitive environment making European industry more resilient and accelerating the digital and green transition.

Strengthening European industry

The updated «Industrial Strategy» seems to acknowledge the role of industry. However, beyond innovation and access to production and supply chains, a competitive industry is equally the basis for the socio-economic model Europe is built upon.

Accelerating the twin transition

With the new «Industrial Strategy» the digital and green transition is gaining speed. Providing transition pathways for companies and a coherent legal framework will create the certainty business needs.

In order to have the right skilled workforce to realize the twin transition, investment in up- and re-skilling will be essential for industry. Support measures in this area are welcome as they can be finetuned on a local level making sure that these needs are addressed.

Reducing administrative burden

The announcement to “extensively review EU competition rules” is important for industry. It will be crucial to extend the review and to see where companies can be relieved from already existing administrative burden which for example stems from the Posting of Workers Directive and its Enforcement Directive. The Commission’s efforts to monitor the correct transposition and implementation of the Posting Directive are a step in the right direction as it currently creates a substantial amount of red tape for companies.

It is moreover important to assess which administrative burden can be avoided. In particular new legislation that is symbolic and won’t achieve its objective such as due diligence and pay transparency.