The coronavirus pandemic hit countries at different moments and with a different intensity. Therefore it is not surprising that measures between countries vary.

In order to simplify access to information, Ceemet launched the COVID-19 page on its website. It brings industry relevant information together with i.a. regard to :

  • country specific FAQs;
  • certificates for cross border workers;
  • and what measures national governments took so far.

Ceemet is pleased to see that its suggestion of a EU moderated website where producers and providers of medical devices, gear etc. can link up with the demand side, has been swiftly set up by the Commission. The COVID-19 Industrial Clusters Response Portal was launched on March 31st.

Ceemet COVID-19 Coronavirus

2 pages - 1 purpose

As is the purpose of Ceemet’s COVID-19 page the new EU portal aims at facilitating the exchange of information between public authorities, (sector) organisations and companies in order to provide as easy as possible access to the most relevant information.

The webpage of the Commission has a twofold objective:

  • Serve as a one-stop shop where reliable information can be found on actions and decisions of the European Commission for industry and especially industrial clusters.
  • Support an open discussion forum where actors can share their experiences, solutions, requests and questions

Both complimentary webpages eventually support the continuity of public health systems and business activities as much as possible and are subject to regular changes and updates as the situation evolves.

Feedback and input to improve the content of our COVID-19 page are welcome – please sent this to chetan.corten at