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  • Ceemet design agency Vruchtvlees is European Agency of the Year 2018

We are very pleased to share with you that our Dutch design agency Vruchtvlees (read: Pulp) has been awarded European Agency of the Year 2018 by the European Design Awards.

To win this prestigious award is a real achievement, and the competition is huge. The judges are experienced design journalists and critics from all over Europe.

In addition to the European Agency of the Year award, Vruchtvlees has also been awarded gold, silver and bronze in various other categories and was part of the selection with the refreshing of Ceemet’s brand.

Every year we receive a huge amount of submissions, and the quality of design work in Europe is very high. Vruchtvlees have proven that they can deliver amazing digital design. By showing an incredibly strong position in the digital market, they managed to conquer the top spot for 2018”, according to Demetrios Fakinos, Managing Director of European Design Awards.

“Ceemet was the only European lobby organisation being considered for such an award. It shows that design, visual attractiveness and aligning the organisation’s DNA with the visual identity should be the standard, also in public affairs.” - Chetan Corten, Head of Communications at Ceemet.

“We believe that our digital work and attitude is distinctive, and, therefore, appeals to brands, organisations and talent worldwide”, says Roman Stikkelorum, Founder of Vruchtvlees.