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Today it was announced by the organisation of the European Association Awards that Ceemet’s “Digitalisation and the World of Work” report is a finalist in the category ‘Best Provision of Industry Information and Intelligence’.

The “Digitalisation and the World of Work” report is one of the few reports addressing the way we are carrying out work in the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based industries (MET) in a context of digitalisation of the manufacturing industry. Emerging technologies is also about work organisation and therefore changing the world of work.

The report was presented for the 1st time at the European Council meeting of EU Ministers of Employment and Social Policy, EPSCO, on July 14 in Bratislava by the Slovak Presidency.


“It is something special when the Slovak Presidency invites you to present a report on which you worked for so long, receiving the recognition from our colleagues feels similar.” Uwe Combüchen, Director General of Ceemet - European Tech & Industry Employers