It is time to get started.

Europe’s citizens have voted and expressed their priorities. Democracy and Europe are returning to the minds of people. Now we need a fresh plan that makes the European Union ready for tomorrow’s challenges and write a new chapter in its success story.

Ceemet, European Tech & Industry Employers, congratulates the newly elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Europe’s citizens have voted. Now it is time to look forward and tackle the issues that lie ahead of us.

10 Point Plan for tackling big challenges

Ceemet has identified in its #10PointPlan 10 areas ranging from digitalisation to globalisation and demographic change.

The 10 Point Plan aims at supporting the EU in unlocking its full potential for companies and their workforce, eventually sustaining a social Europe with its social rights.

Competitive Europe = Social Europe

The current discourse on social Europe arguably does not sufficiently consider how social policy is financed.

Suggesting more EU competences and regulation in social and employment policy to achieve upward social convergence and to increase social spending without a determination to push Europe’s international competitiveness is unbalanced and not sustainable.

Focus on Unity & Subsidiarity

We believe that the future of European prosperity largely depends on a successful digital transition of industry and society. If Europe wants to succeed, much of the debate and actions, including massive investments, must focus on a seamless European (Digital) Single Market.

While adhering to the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality, Europe must be ready to seize the opportunities offered by digitalisation and empower its citizens in that direction.

Ready or not, it will soon be ‘tomorrow’. We believe that increasing industrial competitiveness and seizing the opportunities of digitalisation will help maintain the globally unparalleled social Europe. In turn, the support amongst European citizens for the unique European project will grow.

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Ceemet statement: Outcome of the European elections
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