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  • Ford Cologne’s HR Director elected President of Ceemet

Rainer Ludwig, Director Human Resources, Ford of Germany, was elected President of Ceemet, the European Tech and Industry employers association today.

He is taking over at the Brussels-based association from Diego Andreis, Vice President of the Italian tech industry employers association Federmeccanica.

Mr Ludwig has been head of the German association Gesamtmetall’s committee on international affairs for many years and is an expert in the European topics.

“Brussels determines national legislation to a substantial and increasing degree. Unfortunately, the further away the decision-makers are from the actual day-to-day life, the less suitable to real life they tend to be”

said Mr Ludwig in a first reaction after his election. This is why both a strong and a constructive representation of the business’ interests is vital. He continued by statint that:

“The businesses support a unified Europe. It’s what we practice day in, day out. It’s crucial that the European Union focuses on it’s primary mission, a functioning single market. If we want to maintain the high degree of social standards in the EU, we have to stress the competitiveness of the European economies and refrain from placing additional burdens on the companies.”


Biography: Rainer Ludwig - Ceemet President
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