At this challenging time for the industry, we take a moment to reflect on the year which has just passed and look forward to a brighter 2023 full of potential and opportunities for our industries.

2022 has been a year of adaptations for our industrial companies. First to the realities of production after the COVID-19 pandemic and then to the fallout from the war in Ukraine, which has worsened the current economic crisis and brought about an energy crisis. Beyond these unprecedented challenges, and the ones brought by the twin transition, Europe is facing demographic challenges which are contributing to a shortage of labour.

However, employers are, before anything, entrepreneurs, using challenges as opportunities and having a huge capacity to find solutions to the key global issues of our times. After the pandemic, MET employers regained a level of exports even higher than before the covid-crisis. MET companies still represent 45% of the R&D spend for the entire economy, and nearly 55% of total manufacturing employment.

That is why, I strongly believe that in 2023, the European MET industries will continue their innovative production to manage climate change and the digital transition. Ceemet will continue its mission to bring together EU policymakers and industrial stakeholders to ensure we have the right legislative framework to safeguard the future of industry, and guarantee that it is made in Europe.

The EU has designated 2023 as the year of skills and Ceemet will be fully invested in this topic. The MET industries will provide upskilling and reskilling workers for better adoption of new technologies. Companies will endeavour to strengthening their communication actions to attract women and young people to learn STEM. The basis of industry is an educated workforce and MET companies stands ready to play their part in delivering this in Europe.

Ceemet will continue its work as a social partner with its trade union counterpart industriAll Europe, with other employer organisations, and with the EU institutions to ensure the competitiveness of European industry and the creation of employment and growth in the EU.

Dear friends and colleagues, at this time of the closing of one chapter and the opening of another, allow me, and the entire Ceemet team and its members, to wish you a very happy new year. Here’s to a prosperous and industrious 2023!

Delphine Rudelli

Ceemet Director General