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The General Assembly elected Hubert Mongon unanimously to become Ceemet’s new Chairman of the Board of Directors. In his three-year mandate, he succeeds Oliver Zander who held the function of Chair since July 2017.

Ceemet’s new Chairman is the CEO of UIMM, the federation of French employers of the metal, engineering and technology-based industries. His mandate runs until February 2024.

Mr. Mongon thanked outgoing Chairman Oliver Zander, Director General of the Federation of German Employers' Associations in the Metal and Electrical Engineering Industries, for his leadership during a European election year, a time where industry had to make its voice heard when the relation with the UK had to be redefined and while a global pandemic is hitting the tech and industry sector hard.

Recovery and resilience of industry in Europe

I am very honoured by the unanimous election of my peers”, says Hubert Mongon in a first reaction.

It is a special task for me to take this office. We are the sector organisation in Europe that represents the broadest range of industry - from car manufacturers, robots to services maintaining them. This diversity - which includes small, medium-sized and large companies - is our strength and our responsibility as employers to strengthen it over the years to come.”

“The recovery of industry is at heart of everything we will be doing the next years. The perception of Europe ánd its employers will depend on how quickly new and qualitative jobs can be created.” - Hubert Mongon, Ceemet Chair of the Board of Directors

Hubert Mongon has been CEO of the UIMM since April 2016, representing 42,000 industrial companies in the metallurgy and metal processing, mechanics, automotive, shipbuilding, aeronautics, space and railways, electrical and electronics, nuclear and household equipment. Mr Mongon holds a Master in Private Law and a Master in HR management.


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