Business leader Nancy Pallares and Managing Director of a 70 year old multinational family business Diego Andreis were elected as Ceemet Vice Presidents. In their roles both are supporting newly-elected Ceemet President Rainer Ludwig in his role to represent the industry to European policy makers.

Diego Andreis - the family business manager

Diego Andreis brings a 4 years of experience on the latter as he is the outgoing President of Ceemet - European Tech & Industry Employers.

He made his first public appearance as Ceemet President at the Roundtable on “Digital skills for the European labour force” on September 20th 2016, organised by Commissioner Günther Oettinger, then responsible for Digital Economy and Society.

Already during his two consecutive mandates as President Diego Andreis is taking a strong stance on digital skills and their development. In a one-to-one meeting with Commissioner Oettinger, he developed the idea of establishing a Chief Digitalisation Officers in schools.

Nancy Pallares - the Lady of defence industry

Nancy Pallares is new to Ceemet, but not in her experience in dealing with policy makers.

For her role as Vice President, Nancy builds on her leadership skills with vast experience in the defence sector and a variety of skills, drawn from a mix of academic, commercial and managerial positions from a number of different industries which also include higher education and leisure.

Nancy has been invited to speak publicly on SME interests in defence procurement and Franco-British relationships. She follows the Franco-British Treaty closely and other, maintaining a good cross channel political and commercial network.

Nancy sits on various advisory boards and has recently been appointed to sit on the UK government’s Cabinet Office SME Advisory Panel.


Biography Ceemet Vice President Diego Andreis
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Biography Ceemet Vice President Nancy Pallares
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