At the youth event of Ceemet’s counterpart industriAll European trade union, Ceemet Vice President Diego Andreis was invited to share his views on how young people could be better integrated in the workplace.

In the panel with MEP Leila Chaibi, Youth Representative Eleonora Diprisco and Panagiotis Chatzimichail from the European Youth Forum, Ceemet’s Vice President did not just provide the company point of view bringing in his experience as CEO of Fluid-o-Tech, but also spoke as passionate ambassador to fascinate young people to the world of mechatronics.

Panel ‘Getting young workers on board at the workplace’

In his first intervention Diego Andreis set the scene in what Ceemet sector companies can offer: from stable employment perspectives to a broad range of training possibilities and career development opportunities.

Later he elaborated on the skills mismatch and how this will require strategic choices. It is a simple truth that not everything can be solved and surely not in a short period of time. For example, promoting VET in schools is one of the many solutions, but it will take time before the results of such a campaign are felt on the company work floor.

When the discussion moved to working conditions, Diego Andreis agreed that favourable working conditions are must haves for a company. Referring to what is considered a ‘Millennial’ attitude, he stated that without good working conditions and purpose, young workers will not join, let alone stay.

He concluded his intervention by reminding all participants that training is not just a right, but also a duty for workers.