Ceemet Director General Delphine Rudelli is meeting tomorrow with Special Advisor Andrea Nahles for an in depth exchange on social dialogue.

The meeting follows Mrs Nahles appointment by the Commissioner for Jobs & Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit, to advise him on how to strengthen the social dialogue in Europe, as well as the role of the social partners.

As recognised European social partner for the metal, engineering and technology-based industries, Ceemet brings real world expertise to the table that is an added value for meaningful policy making.

This requires effective consultation of European social partners on all social initiatives, even those which do not fall under articles 153 & 154 of the Treaty. Further, European sectoral social dialogue committees need without doubt adequate support conditions to be able to operate efficiently.


Find attached a 2-pager on how social partners make the difference.


PDF - 206 K

 PDF - 206 K