At the plenary meeting of the European Social Dialogue social partners industriAll Europe and Ceemet have endorsed two joint positions, on the integration of migrants in the labour market and on the European Pillar of Social Rights. In doing so, living up to their responsibility to strengthen societal cohesion and reinforce social dialogue.

The European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR)

Speaking at the plenary meeting of the social partners of the MET sector, Uwe Combüchen, Director General of Ceemet & Luc Triangle, General Secretary of industriAll Europe said:

On the first anniversary of the EPSR proclamation, industriAll Europe and Ceemet confirm that they are ready to contribute to the debate on the pillar principles through their social dialogue at all levels, in line with national conditions and traditions.”

Ceemet and IndustriAll Europe identified together 9 crucial principles ranging from the integration of EPSR into the European Semester to strengthening collective bargaining systems in Europe.


Paving the way towards the integration of legal migrants in the labour market

The main problem the MET sector is facing is the lack of right skilled employees. Providing access to the labour market could be an opportunity for everybody involved.

Trade unions, employers and local entities should cooperate closely with public authorities to support that integration. Inclusion of migrants to the labour market are essential for their integration into society. Once they make a living, pay taxes and contribute to the social system, migrants can be an opportunity to Europe’s economy and society.

IndustriAll Europe and Ceemet formulated 6 focus points that would lead to a successful integration into society and therefore labour market. They cover topics of cooperation between stakeholders, access to education and respect for the principle of equality of opportunity and treatment between national and migrant workers.

Speaking with one voice, the two social partners agreed:

Employers, trade unions and local entities should cooperate closely with the public authorities to help that integration. Successful inclusion of migrants in the labour market is essential and require adequate efforts from all parties as getting a job is important in our societies to become part of a country’s social life.”

Next steps - #10PointPlan

With the elections for the European Parliament in May 2019 ahead, Ceemet and industriAll Europe strive to promote the added value of these two positions and to further grow social dialogue and cooperation for a competitive MET industry in Europe.

> The word « migrant » refers in this text to all third-country nationals.
> Ceemet-industriAll Europe joint statement has been developed in the context of the refugees and migration crisis that Europe undergoes since the past years.


Ceemet - industriAll Europe joint press release: Social partners agree on controversial topics
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