Organisation and Management

Organisation structure

Ceemet’s work is structured around four main pillars: the General Assembly, the Board of Directorsissue-specific Committees and the Secretariat.

The General Assembly consists of all active members, whatever their membership category, and of the President, Vice Presidents and the Chairman of the Board of Directors. It exercises all powers necessary to carry out the purposes of the Association. The President of the Association is elected from among the Presidents of the member organisations. The President’s office period is two years.

The Board of Directors  is a restricted executive body, whose main tasks are to organise the work of the association. The Board of Directors handles the financial questions, manages the assets of the association, governs the activities of the committees and directs the work of the Secretariat.

Ceemet also has permanent issue-specific Committees which provide a forum for members to address topics of common interest. These Committees involve representatives and experts from the Ceemet members and their activities are led by an elected chairperson from any member organisation, supported by the secretariat.


The Ceemet Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day running of the association and coordinates all Ceemet activities. The secretariat also monitors and analyses issues of common interest to its members and informs members about trends, important industry developments and their implications for the sector.

You will find Ceemet's statutes here (Moniteur Belge version here).