Ceemet regularly compiles studies on labour legislation, collective agreements, working conditions etc. based on information from our members.

Recovery Plan for a competitive industry in a resilient Europe - 2020

The consequences of COVID-19 have a huge impact on society and industry. Ceemet proposes a 2-step approach with 12 recommendations for a sustainable recovery of industry in a resilient Europe. 


10 Point Plan for a competitive industry sustaining social Europe - 2018

With the European elections ahead in 2019, listing a #10PointPlan with focus points. Also available in French & German.


Digitalisation and the World of Work - 2018

Update of the 2016 report with new insights and new solutions. 


Digitalisation and the World of Skills and Education - 2018

Before publishing the update of the 2016 report, zooming in on skills, education and training sharing insights and inspiration.


Vision Paper on a new social settlement with industry - 2017


INDUSTRY4EU : industry 4.0 for the future of manufacturing in the EU - 2017 

Co-funded project by the European Commission bringing together Social Partners to identify actions to turn Industry4.0 challenges into opportunities.


Digitalisation and the World of Work - 2016


Posting of Workers Directive : Legal & Practical implications - 2016  


Brexit a 'lose-lose' situation for EU manufacturers - 2016


Flexible forms of employment: keeping europe competitive - 2014 


Industrial Competitiveness for a Social Europe - Ceemet launches agenda for Industrial Renaissance across EU - 2014


Ceemet & Orgalime - Campaign Website ‘Manufacturing, the Beating Heart of Europe - 2014

Ceemet - Our Commitment to a Proactive Role in Health and Safety - 2012

Ceemet & Orgalime - Joint manifesto - ‘Manufacturing a Stronger and Greener Europe - 2012









Shaping Talents Study: New business prospects, competitiveness and improved employability through lifelong learning - 2012

Flexible Forms of Employment the Metal, Engineering and Technology-Based Industries - 2012

Basic Documentation

A compilation of information on employment and working conditions in the metal, engineering and technology-based industries in Ceemet member countries. For more information, please contact the Ceemet secretariat. 


Strengthening cooperation between Industry and initial Vocation Education and Training - 2010


  • Ceemet Study on Dismissals - 2009
    • This study outlines the regulations on Dismissals in Ceemet member countries, including individual dismissals, mass dismissals and shutdown of plants. For more information, please contact the Ceemet secretariat.
  • Ceemet Study on Electromagnetic Fields - 2009
    • This report analyses the concerns being raised by the stakeholders, addresses weaknesses within the text of the current Directive 2004/40/EC and explores technical implications of a series of hypothesis (raised ELV, raised action values, reference values) for an effective protection of the health and safety of workers with respect to occupational exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, based on current scientific literature and studies.  For more information, please contact the Ceemet secretariat.
  • Ceemet Study on Short-Time Working - 2009
    • This study provides a basic overview of rules and regulations concerning Short-time working and the related insurance and benefit systems in Ceemet member countries. For more information, please contact the Ceemet secretariat.