Getting ready for the end of the Transition period

A track record of speaking up for employers

Since 2016 Ceemet and all its members have been campaigning for the best deal for manufacturers and ensured that they are in the most informed position to advise the industry on the EU-UK Future Relationship and its impacts.

Ceemet has made various calls to find an agreement which also leaves time for industry to adapt (the latest dates from 24 December 2020).

Manufacturers need to prepare for change

Changes will come, inevitably, at the end of the year with the transition period ending. Here, Ceemet and its members provide an overview of the plans that are being made in the member countries with the links directing to the relevant government and industry guidance pages. We also lay out some of the important preparatory work being undertaken by the European Commission.

This is a living page which will be updated over the coming weeks and months. With the EU-UK trade and cooperation agreement a new chapter will be opened.

European Commission

The European Commission provides information about the state of play of the negotiations and preparations and what companies need to consider when doing business with the UK.

Ceemet members

Ceemet and its member associations have tried to provide as much information as possible in English. Where this is not the case, the original language is indicated.



Austrian government


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