2012 Comment on EU’s Smart Regulation agenda

2012 provides a unique opportunity for the EU to raise the ambition of its Smart Regulation agenda and better align it with the overriding imperative of driving stronger economic growth. Ceemet strongly supports the EU’s Smart Regulation agenda. In these challenging economic times, Europe needs to send out a clear message that it is open for business.

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Ceemet key messages

  1. Make a firm commitment to reduce the burden of regulation weighing down on European business. Starting with an ambitious action plan to succeed and build on the administrative burdens reduction programme which ends in 2012.
  2. This plan must address the total cost of regulation, not just administrative burdens, and target a reduction in the overall burden of regulation facing European businesses – i.e. a commitment that the cost reduction delivered by the programme will outweigh the cost of new regulations introduced during the period.
  3. Commit to continually improving the quality of comprehensive and impartial impact assessments that support legislative proposals and the process that generates them. This must start with involving stakeholders at earlier stage by consulting them on draft proposals and impact assessments.
  4. Thoroughly monitor implementation processes and carry out regular fitness checks of existing legislation.

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