2012 Position: New EU Economic governance is importance but no intervention in wage setting

Ceemet underlines the importance of the EU’s Europe 2020 strategy and new Economic Governance in restoring international competitiveness and economic growth in Europe. However, Metal, Engineering & Technology-based (MET) industrie representative insists though that the European institutions must respect the autonomy of social partners / employers and workers and does not intervene with wage setting at any level.

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Ceemet key message

Ceemet is convinced that increased economic policy cooperation and strong economic governance is needed to ensure a well- functioning and globally competitive European economy.

As early as in 2011 Ceemet had expressed its strong support for the approval of the recommendations for the Euro area to help Member States restore and maintain economic stability and adjust imbalances within the Euro area. Improving European competitiveness and reinforcing the sustainability of public finances is essential for the future of Europe.

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