2005 Position on the Communication on role of the EU in anticipating and accompanying restructuring

Ceemet welcomes the generally positive introduction of the Communication that it is vital for companies to adapt to change. And although it is necessary to accompany these changes in such a way as to ensure that their effects on employment and working conditions are as short-lived an limited as possible, Ceemet does not fully support the measures that are being proposed by the Commission to achieve this objective.

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Ceemet key messages

  • Ceemet believes that the European Commission has an important role to play in creating and sustaining a business and economic environment that supports the implementation of the structural changes that are necessary for the development of a competitive and dynamic European economy, prerequisite of social progress.
  • We consider that the extensive range of legislative instruments that already exist at both European and Member State level in connection with the management and anticipation of restructuring processes means that there is no case for any further legislative interventions to be initiated by the European Commission. Ceemet is also convinced that existing European as well as national regulations should be checked against the principles of "effectiveness and simplification".

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