2020 Ceemet priorities for the EU-UK Future Relationship

As the EU and UK will remain important economic partners, given history, proximity and the degree of existing integration, it is crucial to get the balance right in the upcoming negotiations on the future relationship. In particular Ceemet members want to see 10 points considered.

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Ceemet key messages

  1. Preferential rules for business trips and cross-border mobility of temporary workers.
  2. Mutual recognition of professional qualifications.
  3. A zero tariff and quota Free Trade Agreement (FTA), with appropriate level playing field commitments.
  4. Rules of origin that are streamlined, easy to implement and deliver genuinely preferential market access.
  5. The highest possible levels of customs facilitation.
  6. Minimise technical barriers to trade.
  7. Specific arrangements for mutual recognition of regulations in highly regulated sectors.
  8. A regulatory co-operation mechanism to discuss future changes in UK and EU regulation and minimise new technical barriers to trade.
  9. Robust dispute resolution procedures that can be easily accessed by business.
  10. Transition perdion to adjust to a new relationship.

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