2016 How to promote a fit for purpose European sectoral social dialogue

From its start, the Juncker Commission has highlighted the importance of a well-functioning Social Dialogue and took an initiative to relaunch Social Dialogue. Ceemet and industriAll Europe are in general supportive of the “A New Start for Social Dialogue” statement. Representing the biggest industrial sector, both want to set out their views about sectoral social dialogue and what we consider are the pre-requisites for a well-functioning, efficient, value-adding sectoral social dialogue at EU level.

Ceemet & industriAll Europe joint messages

industriAll Europe and Ceemet consider the following criteria indispensable for an efficient, value adding Social Dialogue contributing to internationally competitive companies providing good jobs:

  • A clear understanding and strict application of the concept of ‘social partner’ based on the Commission Decision on sectoral social dialogue committees of 20 May 1998 (relating to specific sectors; consist of organisations which are themselves an integral and recognised part of Member States’ social partner structures and have the capacity to negotiate agreements, and which are representative in several MS; having adequate structures to ensure their effective participation in the work of the Committees)
  • Full respect of Social Partner autonomy
  • Solid mandate, from recognised national social partners, to ensure legitimacy of actions
  • Clear joint Rules of Procedure for European social dialogue
  • Representativeness of the industry and capacity to drive a value adding social dialogue

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