2016 Joint conclusions on adaptability and flexible forms of employment

Joint views on adaptability and flexible forms of employment developed by the “Competitiveness & Employment” working group of the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based (MET) sectoral social dialogue committee.

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Ceemet & industriAll Europe joint messages

  • The MET industries make up the largest industrial sector in Europe andhave to cope with the challenges and transformation processes linked to globalization, international competition and technological changes that have significantly accelerated in recent years, intensified by the economic and financial crisis.
  • A central motivation for the MET social dialogue therefore is to search for joint approaches that may contribute to increasing the ability of companies and their workforces to meet the challenges and adapt to change.
  • During 2011 and 2012 the workgroup on “Competitiveness & Employment” of the MET sectoral social dialogue committee discussed the topics of adaptability and drivers for change (in 2011) and flexible forms of employment (in 2012). The reason for this approach was that the group found it important to understand what drives adaptability needs, as adaptability needs are often cited as an important reason for the use of flexible forms of employment.
  • industriAll Europe and Ceemet rate it as a success that in their discussions they have been able to reach some common understanding on a potentially sensitive topic. The present paper summarizes the joint conclusions that have come out of the discussions. It provides the basis for further discussions, particularly regarding ways to minimize for both sides possible drawbacks of flexible forms of employment.

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