2018 Legal migrants & labour market: Social partners paving the way towards integration

The ongoing inflow of people seeking refuge, fleeing poverty, war and persecution is posing a number of challenges to our societies in Europe. Global migration is by no means a new phenomenon. It is an inherent feature of the 21st century. Migrants regardless of their motivation to seek refuge in the EU have to be humanely and responsibly treated. IndustriAll Europe and Ceemet formulated 6 focus points. They cover topics of cooperation between stakeholders, access to education and respect for the principle of equality of opportunity and treatment between national and migrant workers.

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Ceemet & industriAll Europe joint messages

  1. Public authorities should put in place adequate measures to create the conditions for the employability of legal migrants.
  2. Successful and effective integration in the labour market relies on targeted approaches to identify and assess migrant’s skills and competences and to further train them. This necessitates a close cooperation between social partners, training providers and public authorities.
  3. Education is one of many important elements to facilitate the successful integration of migrants into the labour market. Education should therefore also be available at the age of 30, 40, 50 and upwards.
  4. Public authorities should develop the adequate policies to foster well-functioning and inclusive labour markets, thereby facilitating the possibility for workers, including migrants, to obtain employment; amongst others within the MET companies.
  5. Bearing in mind the principle of equality of opportunity and treatment between national and migrant workers, innovative schemes can be found – in compliance with relevant frameworks or agreements at national level - in order to ensure that migrants have opportunities to acquire knowledge and experience which are sought in the labour markets.
  6. Fair inclusion and fair treatment between migrants and nationals should be pursued so as to ensure successful integration and social cohesion. The same rules/conditions as for national workers should apply for migrants.

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