2008 Reply to consultation of Commission Communication on Social Dialogue

Dialogue between the social partners at sector level can contribute to improving the economic and business environment that supports the development of competitive and profitable companies in the best possible way, thus also helping to promote sustainable employment and conditions in the industry sector. Ceemet therefore finds it unacceptable and irrelevant that the Consultation on European sector social dialogue was open to the general public and not exclusively addressed to the parties involved, i.e. the social partner organisations.

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Ceemet key messages

  • The autonomy of social partners is a fundamental principle of social dialogue, irrespective of its level, and has to be fully respected.
  • Social dialogue must be kept separate from civil dialogue. The integration of new actors, in particular NGO’s, would undermine the process of European social dialogue.
  • In connection with the point mentioned before we express concerns about the fact that the Consultation on sectoral social dialogue was open to the “general public” and not exclusively addressed to the parties involved, i.e. the social partner organisations.
  • The idea of cooperation between sectoral social dialogue parties and European Works Councils is strongly opposed, in particular since the latter discuss internal company issues whereas sectoral social dialogue deals with cross-industry sector matters.
  • European social dialogue has to meet the challenging task of adding value while fully respecting differences in national industrial relations systems, including of course in the EU-12 Member States where sectoral social dialogue still is not always well developed, if it exists at all.
  • Ultimately, European Social Dialogue is a bottom-up process which is related to the mandates and activities of the national member organisations.
  • As necessary and appropriate, Ceemet is positive about enhancing cooperation between the different parties and levels involved in European social dialogue

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