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10 Point Plan for a competitive industry sustaining social Europe

Ceemet has drafted a 10 Point Plan for turning today’s and tomorrow’s challenges into opportunities. It lays the groundwork for a facts-based discussion offering ideas from European Tech & Industry employers. It eventually is about why Europe needs industry and why industry needs Europe even more.


Position on Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership

Ceemet calls for the swift delivery of a sustainable Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP)


Comment on Juncker Plan of a €300 bn investment package

Commission President Juncker’s planned a €300 bn investment package to support achieving the new commission priorities for jobs, investment and growth. The package will be key to strengthening Europe’s competitiveness. There is now a consensus that Europe needs a new model of growth, with a more sustainable balance between consumption and industrial production. This better balanced and lasting growth must be underpinned by industry and will rely on innovation, trade and, crucially, investment which cannot any longer be based on increasing debt.


Comment to Commission's CSR strategy

The Commission launched a public consultation on the implementation of its Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) policy. Ceemet responds to respond to the consultation by commenting and assessing the Commission’s CSR strategy and the followed actions.


Statement to EU Council highlighting industrial competitiveness

Ahead of the meeting with Heads of State and Government, Ceemet expresses its support for the ambitious "Mission Growth" goal of bringing industry's contribution to GDP to 20% by 2020.


Position on the General Data Protection Regulation

Ceemet welcomes the aim of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) initiative to uniform rules on data protection throughout Europe, in order to ensure a high degree of data protection for individuals and overcome barriers to the movement of personal data. However, the overly detailed employer obligations will create more administrative burden and compliance costs for companies without a proportionate privacy benefit.


View on Commission's Single Market Act

The Commission Communication with 50 proposal aims to relaunch the single market and make full use of its potential. Ceemet is convinced that the European Single Market is a success story that must be supported by all actors.


Position on Communication on “Implementing the Community Lisbon Programme”

Ceemet welcomes the Commission Communication “Implementing the Community Lisbon Programme: a policy Framework to strengthen EU manufacturing - towards a more integrated approach for industrial policy”. Industrial policy does not normally fall within the remit of Ceemet. However, since several topics in the Communication refer to social policy related issues, Ceemet feels that it should respond to this Communication focusing only on initiatives announced by the Commission which have a link with social matters.


Reaction to the Kok II Report "Facing The Challenge - The Lisbon Strategy for growth and employment"

The Kok II Report rightly stresses that the disappointing delivery of the European Union and, in particular of the EU Member States to the Lisbon Agenda is due to an overloaded agenda, poor coordination and conflicting priorities. Therefore, the second Kok report concentrates on measures to increase economic growth in the European Union which has become even more urgent because, since the Lisbon Agenda was formulated in March 2000, the general economic situation in the European Union has clearly deteriorated. Ceemet supports the idea of national action plans, although it is not convinced that the Commission's annual reports will have the desired impact.

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