2018 10 Point Plan for a competitive industry sustaining social Europe

Ceemet has drafted a 10 Point Plan for turning today’s and tomorrow’s challenges into opportunities. It lays the groundwork for a facts-based discussion offering ideas from European Tech & Industry employers. It eventually is about why Europe needs industry and why industry needs Europe even more.

Ceemet key messages

In view of the elections to the European Parliament in May 2019, Ceemet wants to stimulate debates and discussions. How to make the EU future-proof? How to further develop our internationally competitive industry? How to address big challenges ahead of us, such as digitalisation, globalisation, resource efficiency, climate and demographic change, and migration?

Ceemet believes Europe needs a fresh approach on the way it regulates and implements agreed policies. The ideas are gathered in a 10 Point Plan attached and available on 10-points.ceemet.org

Other Position-papers