2006 Position on Communication on “Implementing the Community Lisbon Programme”

Ceemet welcomes the Commission Communication “Implementing the Community Lisbon Programme: a policy Framework to strengthen EU manufacturing - towards a more integrated approach for industrial policy”. Industrial policy does not normally fall within the remit of Ceemet. However, since several topics in the Communication refer to social policy related issues, Ceemet feels that it should respond to this Communication focusing only on initiatives announced by the Commission which have a link with social matters.

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Ceemet key messages

  • Ceemet is very pleased that better regulation at all levels has been identified as a key challenge for several sectors, including parts of our sector (e.g. motor vehicles & ICT industries). Employers support these initiatives and welcome the Commission’s simplification programme that was published in October 2005.
  • However, we look to the Commission to extend this initiative to other areas as part of its ongoing rolling programme. With this in mind, we will closely follow the publication, later this year, of the proposed Green Paper on the evolution of labour law.
  • Especially in the social field, Ceemet members are convinced that more labour market flexibility is necessary and will contribute to improved competitiveness.
  • In our view, all existing and future social policy regulations at European and national level should always be checked against the principle of subsidiarity. As a general rule, the following three questions should always be asked before any European legislative proposal is considered. Is there an objective need for it? Are the costs proportionate to the benefits? At what level of government – whether European, national, regional or local – is action most appropriate?
  • Ceemet believes that all EU legislation should be subject to a thorough and transparent cost-benefit analysis, including the costs caused by unnecessary administrative burdens.
  • We also see no reason why automatic review mechanisms, to check the effectiveness of initiatives after they have been in force for a few years, cannot be formally written into all EU legislation. Finally, Ceemet Members are of the opinion that the documents produced by the Commission should be made more accessible to readers and easier for them to understand.

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