Digital & Green transitions

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Ceemet response_Transition pathway for mobility ecosystem

As rightly pointed out in the Staff Working Document, the twin transition is expected to affect labour markets in all the industries of the mobility ecosystem. As a result, some parts of the ecosystem will have to face significant labour relocation and the urgent need for re-skilling and up-skilling the workforce. It is therefore crucial to put skills at the heart of this transition pathway, as a cross-cutting issue impacting all sectors of the mobility ecosystem. Indeed, it is well identified that skills shortages are  the major obstacle, today, to the competitiveness of companies belonging to the mobility ecosystem and that this hampers continuously the creation of quality jobs. Having this in mind, Ceemet focuses its comments on skills and, SMEs & financing and on the co-creation process.


Effects of the Green Transition on the MET industries

The Commission has set the ambitious goals, via the Green Deal, to reach the global climate target of net zero by 2050 and, via the Fit for 55 package, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to at least 55% below 1990 levels by 2030. To achieve these challenging goals, industry is playing a pivotal role by rethinking, among other issues, supply & value chains. But is equally leads to a deep transformation within the MET sector. However, it must be recognised by policy makers that a transformation of this magnitude takes time to implement. It must be done while safeguarding the global competitiveness and ensuring that European companies can, at least preserve, and ideally increase, their market share in a globalised world.


Analysis on Council Recommendation on ensuring a fair transition towards climate neutrality

The proposal for a Council Recommendation on ensuring a fair transition towards climate neutrality was released on 14 December 2021. Ceemet had sent its written contributions to the social partner consultation on this matter on 5 November 2021. As of today, this proposed Recommendation is the only proposal that the Commission has made to address the employment and skills dimension of the twin transitions (namely the green transition). For this reason, Ceemet has produced an in depth-analysis of the policy recommendations. Ceemet does not analyse all the policy proposals since some of them touch upon “the social dimension” of the transition (housing for people most affected by the green transition etc)

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