2019 Building a European Education Area by 2025

A highly skilled mobile workforce is the basis for an internationally competitive industry that provides quality jobs. Ceemet and its members will support the European Commission’s ambition to work towards a European Education Area (EEA). Investing in people and their education and removing the obstacles that hinder (learning) mobility across Europe should be a shared goal of all stakeholders.

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Ceemet key messages

Europe’s tech & industry employers want to actively contribute and support the creation of a real EEA by 2025 emphasizing the following:

  1. Drive excellence of education & training systems
  2. Invest in the broad range of skills; i.e. basic, digital, soft, STEM & language ones
  3. Boost Vocational Education & Training (VET)
  4. Reinforce interaction between education & training systems and labour markets
  5. Promote a culture of Lifelong learning (LLL) and foster Continuous Vocational Education & Training (CVET)
  6. Encourage (learning) mobility

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