2013 Reinvent education with industry - position on the “Rethinking Education" Communication

Ceemet welcomes Commission ́s renewed efforts to speed up and catalyze education reform, but stresses the need to properly involve industry representatives and warns against oversimplifying benefits of dual systems.

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Ceemet key messages

The Communication “Rethinking Education” successfully pins down the problems that are found in education and training systems around Europe, including not being able to provide the right skills, lack of cooperation with industry and employers, and absence of a lifelong learning culture. Together with the economic crisis, these problems have resulted in a situation where it is virtually impossible for young people in some countries to find work while at the same time some companies in Europe face difficulties in finding skilled workers to recruit.

Capacity to innovate - Making learners add value should be a primary goal in education and training Ceemet agrees with the conclusion in the communication that changes in the operating environment such as digitalisation, fast technological development etc. make it necessary to rethink the principle goal of education and training. In general, what one knows will matter far less than what one can do with that knowledge. To a large extent, focus will lie on the capability to re-engineer and update ones jobs much more often than before.

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