2013 The importance of Continuing Education & Training in MET industry

While much of the discussion on Continuing Education & Training (CET) centers on increasing uptake, Ceemet would like the debate to focus more on the impact of CET. The Metal, Engineering and Technology-based (MET) industry is a key driver of Europe’s economy and skilled and motivated people are pivotal in keeping manufacturing innovative and competitive. It is therefore absolutely essential that CET supports growth and jobs. It will only do so if better understood and targeted to the needs of the labour market and learners.

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Ceemet key messages

To improve the impact of CET, Ceemet would like to put emphasis on the following:

  • A better match between skills and labour market needs;
  • A policy environment and corporate culture that support effective and focussed lifelong educational processes;
  • Shared responsibility for lifelong learning and motivation to train;
  • A policy environment that makes Europe the most competitive place for companies to operate and invest in.

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