2010 Position for a holistic approach of EU Health and Safety legislation

Ceemet is committed to improving the management of risks to health and safety and so further protecting employees from harm. Not only is it morally the right thing to do, but it also represents good business. Ceemet fully recognise the responsibility of employers to provide safe working conditions and protect their employees from harm. Action taken by employers over the years has greatly reduced accident and ill health rates in manufacturing industry. With its members, Ceemet is committed to promoting further improvement.

Ceemet key messages

Ceemet believes that:

  • The essential EU legislative structure established by early directives was holistic, well considered and remains correct.
  • A holistic approach is essential to ensure that risks are identified, assessed and prioritised effectively.
  • The holistic approach risks being undermined by hazard-specific directives.
  • Attention should now focus upon ensuring the original legislation is fully effective – CEEMET members are ready to lend their active support to this approach
  • New hazard-specific directives should be avoided.

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