2016 Position on the review of the Directive on Carcinogens or Mutagens at the Workplace

The Commission aims to add or revise occupational exposure limits for a number of substances by amending annexes one and three of the Directive. While Ceemet welcomes the revision of this Directive and see its benefit as a method to protect workers from exposure to carcinogens and mutagens, there are a number of factors with which we take issue in its construction.

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Ceemet key messages

  • European legislation is not consistent in setting Occupational Exposure Limit Values (OELs)
  • The data used for this review is not relevant
  • Ceemet advocates a holistic approach to chemicals at an EU level
  • The addition of new substances needs to be done on an evidence based approach
  • The legislative process must take account of the evaluation of all EU OSH legislation

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